Natural Bodybuilding Supplements

Natural Bodybuilding Supplements – Points to Consider

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There are a lot of advantages to using natural supplements for athletes and bodybuilders. Not only can they provide you with the same gains associated with the synthetic supplements, they offer better cycle control and less risk than the synthetics. Cycles are how bodybuilding happens best, and understanding how to run a cycle is critical in getting the most out of your natural bodybuilding supplements. The three most important natural bodybuilding supplements to use are the pre workout supplement, post workout, and whey protein powder. The pre workout is extremely important because it’s the number one factor to having awesome workouts. It’s important to research the science behind 2015’s best pre-workout supplement, it’s covered in great detail here.

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Running a Natural Bodybuilding Supplement Cycle

Running a cycle refers to the concentrated time frame in which you combine changes in supplements, diet and exercise to achieve a specific goal. Two examples of a cycle would be cutting and gain. In the gain cycle, you are looking to build as much mass as possible. The focus will be on increased carbohydrates and weight lifting exercises supported by natural bodybuilding supplements. During the cutting cycle you are seeking to lose fat to provide more definition for the muscles you have gained. This is a typical cycle of a bodybuilder or competitive athlete. It allows you to gain mass and power, without also gaining too much body weight.

Natural Supplements = More Control.

Many people are surprised to find out that natural bodybuilding supplements allow them more controls over their cycles, without any loss of benefit, compared to the synthetics. The reason for this is that the natural bodybuilding supplements have a shorter action lifespan within the body. Many of the synthetics will buildup in the tissues and cells, which is why there are so many side effects associated with them. When they buildup, it also means they are enabling a cycle to continue that you may have moved past. With natural bodybuilding supplements you don’t have negative health risks, but you get the gains and get control of your complete cycle for even better results too.

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What are the benefits of IGF-1?

What are the benefits of IGF-1?


Deer antler velvet spray has been in the news a great deal ever since the controversy revealing that Ray Lewis used it to decrease his recovery time from a torn triceps by almost 70%. The investigating sports bodies isolated that it was the boost in insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1) in the human body that is enabled by deer antler spray that gave him the accelerated recovery time. They didn’t ban the substance, and clinical studies have confirmed that the spray does increase IGF-1, which has led to many professional athletes and bodybuilders wanting to know what the benefits of IGF-1 really are. Many athletes are now stacking the natural deer antler spray supplements with other anabolics like RPN Havoc which is classified as a prohormone, prohormones work very similar to anabolic steroids.

Benefits of IGF-1 – Increased Growth

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IGF-1 plays an important role in post workout increased muscle growth because it provides an additional factor needed by the body to use its natural levels of HGH more effectively. It promotes increased fat loss as it is the missing “link” for using extra fuel in creating muscle. That “missing link” isn’t really missing, IGF-1 is made by the body, but after adolescents the levels of it in the human system drop off.


Benefits of IGF-1 – Shorter Recovery Time

In boosting the processes of metabolizing fat and fueling increased HGH production, as well as integrating itself into the rest of the process involved with building and repairing muscle, IGF-1 also shortens recovery time. By giving your body more of what it needs to recover, in a natural form, the recovery is seen as being allowable by major governing bodies.

How safe is it?

sprayThe only real concern with using IGF-1 lies with people who are on medication to suppress their immune system. IGF-1 plays an important role in promoting immune health, but in those with MS, rheumatoid arthritis or other immune disorders where the immune system is overactive it is not recommended. Outside of these conditions, IGF-1 promoted by deer antler spray is considered safe.

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Testosterone Boosters for Men

Top Supplements of 2014


a Strong Testosterone and IGF-1 Booster

BioAntler IGF-1 Booster Deer Antler Velvet Spray

Engineered with New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet and support testosterone ingredients, this is one strong bodybuilding supplement! For men over 18 BioAntler is an excellent way to increase hormone optimization for performance.

The #1 Testosterone Booster

The Best Natural Testosterone Boosters for Men

For men lacking a bit here and there or wanting to get jacked, you have your solution! T9 has clinically proven ingredients to increase testosterone output and help you in the bedroom and the gym where it counts.


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